Welcome to our class blog!

Welcome to our class blog!  Here you’ll find lots of information about what we have been learning in school, as well as updates about what we hope to be doing next.

Parents – feel free to comment – children love to know that you have seen their blog posts.

Children – you can show off what you have been doing here on the blog, and follow links to websites where you can learn more (make sure you’re supervised online).

Visitors – find out about what learning looks like at Dunvegan in the E5-7 class and let us know what you liked best!

Money Money Money!

To complete our class money topic in maths, the children designed and made their own board games. Each player had to start with a set amount of money, then landing on action squares would earn them more or cause them to spend their coins! There was lots of adding coins and giving change being practiced as the children had fun moving along their board game tracks. Children also chose to play their games with friends from other classes during choice time today!

Crafty Christmas Gnomes

Children used larks-foot hitches to fasten coloured yarn around a section of cardboard tube to create tiny hats for their pom-pom gnomes. The gnomes were finished by gluing the hats in place along with a little wooden bead nose. Making the hats and pom-poms took patience and perseverance – but their finished Christmas gnomes all looked very cute!
I promised the children in class that I would wait until after Christmas to publish this blog post, as some of the Christmas crafts were to be given as surprise presents for family members 🙂

STEM: Renewable Energy

Our programme of STEM visitors continued today with a visit from two engineers from Muirhall Energy, a company developing windfarms on Skye and across Scotland.
Children learnt about different ways in which energy can be produced, and the difference between fossil fuels and renewable energy. They were also able to see how a wind turbine works, and were amazed by the size and strength of the windfarm components. This was demonstrated in Danny MacAskill’s latest video, where he rides along the blade of a turbine on his bike!

Thanks to our visitors, who also left pencils and notepads for the children to use, as well as a mini wind-turbine so that children can investigate gears and dynamos in class.

SEALL Small Halls Concert

Today the children were treated to their own mini concert (online via Google Meet) from some of the musicians taking part in this year’s SEALL Small Halls Concerts. These concerts take place in local village halls around Skye, featuring musicians from the island and much further afield.
The children were able to listen to a variety of music styles & ask the musicians questions about their songs, instruments and influences. It was a really inspirational session & encouraged the children to work hard with their own music lessons.

Multiplication Mayhem!

We’re working on our multiplication skills over the next few days in class. Some children will be practicing their times tables, while others are finding different methods to multiply larger numbers either mentally or on paper.

We’ve found the BBC Supermovers songs and dances really help with learning the basics – the children love to copy the dance moves and learn the times tables as they go along.

STEM Engineering Solutions

Yesterday we enjoyed a visit from the RAF who ran a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) workshops with the P4-7 children.
Children learnt how to programme a Sphero robot using an iPad, how to create a physical representation of a computer processor using a Turing Tumble board, and how aerodynamics affects the flight of an aeroplane by making and testing paper planes.
The team also highlighted the importance of scientists and engineers, encouraging children to consider careers in these fields.

Lord of the Eagles

In the latest adventure of Bilbo and the dwarves in our class book, The Hobbit, the band are rescued by the lord of the eagles. Trapped up trees by the wolves and with fire licking their toes, the group are saved just in time when the eagles swoop in and carry them to the safety of their eerie.
Inspired by these majestic birds, the class used fingerpainting techniques to create a feathered effect on wing shapes, and then cut feathers to make their eagles’ bodies. We now have our own flock of eagles swooping around the classroom!

Robotics & Mathematics STEM Day

Today the P4-7 children from both the Gaelic and English classes attended a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) day at the pop-up Newton Room in Dunvegan Hall.
Children were able to use their measuring, calculating and problem solving skills whilst learning about perimeter, circumference and programming. Everyone enjoyed using the Lego robots and programming them using the linked iPads – thanks to Scott from the Newton Room for a super day.

Term 2 Topics

Welcome back to a new term, I hope you all enjoyed your October break. This term we’ll be continuing our class book, The Hobbit, with lots of linked art and writing activities. Other topics will include:

Maths: Capacity, multiplication and division
PE: Gymnastics
Technologies: Creating computer-based presentations, using robotics
History: Famous explorers
Art: Sketching skills
Literacy: Diary writing, biographies
HWB: Eco-schools activities, working towards securing our school’s Green Flag award.
Music: Traditional singing with the Youth Music Initiative

Children will also continue to have fortnightly Art, French and Gaelic sessions from visiting staff, and music tuition for those who have signed up for drumming, clarinet, chanter or Jaggie Thistles.

Please make sure that children have the correct clothing for school every day. This includes:
Wellies & waterproofs for Forest School and wet break-times
PE kit
Indoor shoes

These items can be left in school for the week/term so they are not forgotten.